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Zia Records (record and pop culture outposts in Arizona and Nevada); contributor at Aquarium Drunkard; freelance music writer; podcaster; Tabasco user.
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Put together a SoundCloud playlist of songs I’m really digging: Mike Cooper on Paradise of Bachelors, Brigitte Fontaine & Alice Coltrane on Superior Viaduct, Ryley Walker on Tompkins Square, great new stuff from William Tyler and Wooden Wand, the Sanford Clark track from the Zia/Johnny D Record Store Day 45, and the new one from Wovenhand’s Deathwish Inc. debut (am I the only one getting some Lift to Experience vibes?).

Now playing: Heavy Houston boogie recorded at Phoenix’s Audio Recorders. 1970. Wicked vibes, nicked melodies from the Beatles, great cover of “Gimmie Shelter” [sic].


Steve Buscemi

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The “Little Birdy” and a couple of bites of B’s fried green tomato sandwich. Seriously good. 


And hurrah!  My first piece for the good bods over at Wondering Sound, about one of my favorite artists.  


Philips, 1971.